Carnival banners


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Carnival banners



High visibility at long distances!

At the Festival International de Jazz, the Festival Grand Rire de Québec, the International Fireworks Competition, the F1 or municipal celebrations, Etendard Carnival banners give you the visibility to match your ambition.

Located in the heart of the event or along major thoroughfares, Carnival banners always guarantee an excellent level of exposure.


Manufacturing Details

Etendard Carnival banners are made of weather-resistant nylon.


Printing Process

  • Screened if the quantity is large and the image to be reproduced is composed of 1 or 2 colours.
  • Digital if the quantity is smaller and the image is more complex.

These banners are installed on a 1.5 x 120” (4 x 300 cm) anodized aluminum pole with a horizontal arm at the top (note that the pole is not telescopic).


Carnival Banner Formats

  • 19.5 x 96” (60 x 245 cm)
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Additional information

Type de base (bannières carnaval)

Banner only ( $ 245.00 ), Installation for hard ground with 18"x18" galvanised steel base and 30 pound weight ( $ 245.00 + $ 78.00 + $ 46.25 ), Installation for hard surface with galvanised steel tire base ( $245.00 + $ 68.00 ), Installation for soft ground with galvanised steel rod ( $ 245.00 + $ 46.25 )

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