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Announce and expose your presence whether indoors or outdoors at an event by opting for a personalized Wonderpole banner. Measuring up to 144" (365 cm) tall, these commercial flags offer great visibility and stand out during corporate events. They are easy to install directly in the ground if, for instance, you wish to show your colours at a golf tournament, or with a solid base on harder soil.


Manufacturing characteristics

  • The banners are fabricated with quality nylon or polyester.
  • They are sold with a telescopic mast and a horizontal arm.
  • The 78" telescopic mast can reach up to 180" (200 to 450 cm)
  • The 90" telescopic mast can reach up to 240" (230 to 600 cm)
    Aluminum horizontal arm (Single piece)
  • Glass fiber arm and aluminum rotator (Two-piece assembly)

Printing technique

  • Digital printing directly onto the fabric which provides better penetration of the dyes into the fibers.
  • The visual comes out on both sides, with the backside mirroring the image.

Be mindful of winds stronger than 60 km/h, they could damage your installation.​

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